Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Little Giraffe

We had a great trip to Alabama and to Kentucky to visit Ruth. I have many pictures and stories. Maybe I will publish them someday. But for now...Halloween.

Ayi Ruthie suggested we check out Wal-mart's infant Halloween costumes some time ago. They hadn't even put them out yet down here, but the nice lady who worked in the children's department went to the back and brought out Brett's size in several costumes. I couldn't decide between the giraffe and the frog, so she suggested we get both, ask Daddy's opinion, and return one. We did. They are both so cute, but quite hot. Brett has really enjoyed playing in them--inside. Would you believe it was 102 degrees yesterday?!? My car only registered 99 after Bible study today. They've been saying the heat would let up. And so it has.

Now since I bought these costumes sometime in AUGUST, I did not have the foresight to know Brett would grow out of the 9 month size so quickly. He'd be hard pressed to fit in either of these costumes two weeks from now. So I actually plan on dressing him as something else--to be announced later. Whatever he dresses up as MUST be cool. But he is absolutely adorable in his hot furry costumes!

We plan on going to our church's Fall Festival on the 31st, but it's in from 3-6, so it will still be pretty hot. I also can't wait to visit our local 'pumpkin patch.' I guess not too many people have pumpkin farms in Southwest Florida, so they shipped some in and created a cute little patch at Lakes Park in town. I saw pictures from they day they opened and there were pumpkins strewn all over the lawn. It was so pretty! We should have gone. Last night they showed it on the news. It's so hot that they've moved all of the pumpkins into piles under tarps to keep them from cooking! I still plan to take Brett. We'll just buy a pumpkin from the nice cool grocery store.

Peek a boo!

Now giraffes like leaves, right?

That is NOT what I expected leaves to taste like!

Maybe they'll taste different this time.


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  1. AHHHH!!!!! TOOO CUTE!!!!!!! (That's the best way I know how to properly convey the way I screamed when I saw these pictures!) I NEED TO HOLD HIM IN THAT FURRY OUTFIT!!!