Friday, September 11, 2009

Flying High

Yesterday we flew to Alabama for the first time. Daddy will be leaving on a mission trip with our church in Pleasant Grove tomorrow. He will be going to Nicaragua through Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International. We'd appreciate your prayers for him and the rest of the team as they travel and work there, and for the people of Nicaragua that they will be working with.

We were a little nervous about flying with Brett, but he was great! We made it through security quickly and easily--the large stroller even fit through the x-ray machine! Our first flight was a short hop from Ft. Myers to Orlando. He was so interested in looking out the window, the only time he cried was when I tried to lay him down to feed him. The doctor told us to feed him during take off and landing, so he took a bottle while staring out the window. He was so tired that he went to sleep after just a few minutes in the air. I imagine that the noise from the plane helped him sleep.

We had a lay over in Orlando, and they allowed us to take his car seat on the plane on the second flight. He wasn't interested in sitting in it though. There was a little boy across the aisle that he enjoyed playing with. The other little boy would make noises, and Brett would try to copy the sounds. He just cooed and babbled for about half of the flight. He did go back to sleep towards the end of that flight. And when we landed in Birmingham, Marme, Grandmommie, and Granddaddy were waiting on us. Papa was away with the Alabama Singing Men, but he'll see Brett Saturday. We're also planning to drive up to see Ayi Ruthie Saturday after we see Glenn off on his mission trip. I am so glad that Brett enjoys flying!!!

Future Frequent Flyer
Brett's loved to look out the window...

until he fell asleep.

He stayed awake for most of the second flight.

He enjoyed playing with a two year old little boy across the aisle

and the tray table.

Marme was so happy to see him!

Getting ready for a visit to Grandmommie's house

Grandaddy is a funny guy.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sitting Tall

Brett has been working on sitting up by himself. He was doing great with support from the bumbo and boppy. Yesterday afternoon, I walked in the living room and Glenn was sitting on one side of Opal's quilt, and Brett was SITTING on the other side--all by himself! He loves the view up there. Several times today we sat him up when he was upset, and he calmed down and played. He's had his share of 'tumping' over, but he just falls on his belly and scoots around. It doesn't phase him. I guess he's going through his six month growth spurt. He has done so much this weekend alone! I can't wait for the grands to see him later this week! We are flying to Alabama Thursday so that Glenn can go on a mission trip to Nicaragua with our church in Pleasant Grove. I hope Brett likes flying! I'll let you know. :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Getting ready to CRAWL!!!

Check out this push up!

I can't believe that Brett is six months old. He has grown so much! He used to 'strongly dislike' tummy time, but now he flips to his belly every time I put him down. He's even rolling over and sleeping on his tummy. He recently started pushing up on his toes in a push up position. He'll occasionally get up on his knees, but not as much. Then today, he just hopped up on his knees and started rocking!!! I suppose that means that crawling is just around the corner. Can you believe it?

Forget the baby blanket. We now use a sheet. Brett likes to spin on his belly and scoot backwards.

Alley decided she'd be sociable. She walked right up to the sheet and laid down next to Brett.