Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Creeping, not Crawling

I believe he's making his favorite car noise here. When he puts his mouth on your arm and does this, we call it a raspberry or a zerbert. He finds it very entertaining. :-)

More bbbfffsssttt noises...

Brett's been scooting around all over the place. One morning a couple of weeks ago, I sat him in the middle of the living room floor while I brushed my teeth. When I walked back into the living room, I couldn't see him! That was the first time he'd made much 'forward progress.' He was just up next to the couch, but I flipped out for a second. He can now go from one room to the other in no time flat. He's not technically crawling yet. (You know, on his knees and moving one hand with one knee and all.) I saw an illustration in What to Expect the First Year that shows what he's doing and they called it 'creeping.' He pushes off with his toes and pulls with both hands at the same time. He sort of flops on his belly with each move. He's very good at it! He likes to explore new and exciting territory...like the walkway between the couch and the bookcases and the hall next to his room. He hunts down loose carpet fuzz, cat tails, and unattended shoes. He especially likes Daddy's remotes, his phone, and the cable box. Forget boring things like the conglomeration of toys Mommy spread out on the rug for him to play with. He's got more interesting things to do and see.

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  1. such a busy boy! love being able to see some of your house in these pictures! I really love that last picture of him - the angle, and being able to see his name sign on his door. cute!